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I am Matt Mason, an Ohio prisoner, an accomplished and certified Law Clerk and Paralegal with 16 published cases, countless LEXIS and WESTLAW decisions.

Pollock v Rashid (1996) 17 Ohio App. 3d 361

Reversing dismissal of civil action on my Briefing

State ex rel. Dailey v Morgan (2001) 115 O. Misc. 2d 44
Granting State Writ of Habeas Corpus for excession of maximum sentence due to improper application of jail time credit

Smith v Moore (CA 6, 2011) 415 F. App’x. 624
Reversing denial of a Writ of Habeas Corpus and issuing the Writ

Madsen v Hudsen (2007) US District. LEXIS 64206
Issuing Writ of Habeas Corpus

State v Shoemaker (1995) 74 Ohio St. 3d 664
Reversing denial of Application to Re-open Appeals

State v Elkins (1995) 71 Ohio St. 3d 576
Reversing denial of Application to Re-open Appeals

State v Mullin (2011) 191 Ohio App. 3d 788
After delayed appeal granted, judgment reversed on sufficiency of the indictment, resulting in six year reduction in sentence

State v Blade (2006) 104 Ohio St. 3d 109
Reversing and remanding for resentencing wherein a ten year reduction was issue

“In re: Ohio Criminial Sentencing Statutes Cases” along with:

- State v Short

- State v Bolling

-State v Abdul-Mumin

- State v Dickens and several others which were my work

- Smallwood v Shiflet (2016) Ohio 7887 (2016) (8th Dist)

- In re: Stansell (CA6, 2016) 828 F 3d 712

-  Other published and a multitude of unpublished cases

· State v Roberts, 2011-Ohio-4969, seeking reversal of trial court's denial of statutory order to preserve evidence for DNA testing. Reversed on appeal in landmark Ohio Supreme Court ruling, sub. nom. State v Roberts (2005) 106 Ohio St. 3d 178, holding that my proposed interpretation of statute was correct, ordering that evidence be preserved. (Ohio Supreme Court briefs prepared by Public Defender from my work in the lower courts) (Note: Subsequent motion for "touch DNA testing" was granted, however, Clarence "Skip" Roberts died of pancreatic cancer without the chance to be fully exonerated, despite fighting tooth and nail for over fifteen years. Skip Roberts was innocent).

· State v Myers, 2010-Ohio-5979 (Ohio, Fifth District) reversing and remanding for full resentencing, holding that "nunc pro tunc" order was void.

· Kennedy v Specht, 2018-Ohio-3629, reversing trial court dismissal of civil action, against county prosecutor, holding that grant of "absolute prosecutorial immunity" was invalid. Litigation remains pending.

· In re: Stansell (6th Cir., 2018) 828 F3d 412, holding that full resentencing subseuent to initial federal habeas corpus proceedings renders subsequent habeas proceedings not "second or succesive" but constituting first attempt under "new judgment" rule. Thus no "leave" to proceed required under 28 U.S.C. 2253.

· Stansell v Grafton Corr. Inst. 2019 U.S. .Dist. LEXIS 11442, reversing sua sponte dismissal by the District Court during "1915 review" of lawsuit under 42 USC 1983, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Rehabilitation Act of 1978, holding claim for relief was properly stated. Litigation remains pending.

· Stansell v Grafton Corr. Inst. (second case) 2019 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 24597 (Same as above, second, different underlying facts and case) remains pending.

· Conducted all of the state court litigation in "Demons v Skatzes, et. al. which led to the "In re: SOFC Litigation" settlement regarding Lucasville Riot, resulting in $4.1Million settlement for prisoners. (1997) 173 F.R.D. 205.
(Note: Countersued Demons, Prison guard plaintiff, and other SOCF personnel, resulting in Demons abandoning his suit against the prisoners)

· Assisted in preparation of the Complaint in several other lawsuits concerning medical care and religious rights in Ohio prisons.

· State v Rabe, 2013-Ohio-4557, reversing and remanding for resentencing on statutory construction of new sentencing statutes, reducing sentence from 29 months to 18 months on "Application to Reopen Direct Appeal".

I have sent 55 men home with my work. 

I am a Co-Founder of the Actual Innocent Prisoners project.

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