During his incarceration, Matt has been before the Parole Board four times. 

In 2004 he was eligible for parole (14 years on 20-life with 'good time'). Due to the "Guideline Manual" in effect at the time, a 10-year flop was issued. The flop was based on "Nature of the Offense". Notably, these Guidelines have been discontinued because a Court found them to be unconstitutional. 

Halfway through that ten years, another hearing was held due to a court decision that invalidated the procedures that the Parole Board was using. Matt was told to "keep stepping off the dime" (to finish the ten years originally imposed). Again, "Nature of the Offense" was stated as the reason. (Of note, every prisoner who returned before the Parole Board under that Court decision (the "Hall Ruling") got the same, or more time). 

On completion of that ten year flop, the Parole Board imposed an additional five year sentence. The sole justification for this flop was "Nature of the Offense". 

In May 2019 Matt, with almost 29 years served went before the Parole Board again. He has a clean disciplinary record, taken every program that the prison will permit him to take, he is "zero risk" on the ORAS calculations, he has three offers of residence and three solid job offers. On the day that Matt presented himself to the Parole Board, six other men also went before the Board. They were all given a "COBRA" Hearing, moving forward for a chance at a parole. The only flop issued was to Matt, who maintains his innocence. Another three years sentence, stating "Nature of the Offense" as the reason.