state perjury and witness intimidation



 By referring to the Court records, it is clearly demonstrated that several witnesses of the Prosecutor were knowingly perjuring themselves by making false testimony against Matt.

  • Testified Matt had been at Kallethea Bar at 3pm on December 30, 1985 with Dan Miller. 
  • Gave sworn testimony that Marshall Kennon (Gurcia Johnson’s brother) had given Matt’s name to her, stating Mr Kennon believed Matt to have been involved in his sister’s death. 
  • Claimed to have confronted Matt with this allegation, and that Matt had shouted out, on a public street “Oh, I offed his sister”. 

Dan Miller, Delores Waters, Marshall Smith, Nancy Mason and Matt all contradicted this testimony.  Further, Nancy Williams confirmed Judy Taylor was in Maine on December 30, 1985.


It is important to note that at the time of the Trial, Dan Miller was under indictment for lying to police.

  • On this occasion however, he perjured his testimony. This perjury was illustrated by Matt and by LaTreva Perdue, who was known to have been with Gurcia Johnson on December 30, 1985. LaTreva Perdue was a State Witness. She clearly stated that Matt was not one of the two men with her and Gurcia Johnson that evening. Of note - neither Counsel asked if Miller had been one of the two men who had been with LaTeva Perdue or Gurica Johnson that night.

  • Testified he had been with Matt (on an unspecified date), but presumed to have occurred on December 30, 1985, and that Dan had driven Matt’s pick-up truck to the Kallethea Bar. That they picked up an unidentified woman and took her out to Mifflin, where Matt and the woman got out of the truck and Matt returned to the truck without her a few minutes later. The location that Dan testified they had went is miles away from the where the murder occurred. 

Delores Waters and Becky Davis contradicted Dan Miller’s testimony, and stated Matt was not present in the Kallethea Bar on December 30, 1985 .

John Harris and Joseph DeVore testified that they were both with Matt on December 30, 1985 in a blue Oldsmobile on the other side of the city.

How could Matt and his Trial Counsel defend deliberate false statements under Oath. These two witnesses served to severely prejudice the proceedings against Matt and deprive him of a fair Trial.


Prosecutors intimidated Ronald Perkins, a man of rather limited intellect, into making an admission, that maybe his testimony on direct examination had been wrong, and maybe he didn’t take possession of the truck he purchased for parts from Matt five months prior to the murder, when he had thought. Confusion of the witness and improper conduct of the Prosecutor is clearly demonstrated on the Court record, wherein Mr Perkins stated he changed his mind about when he got the truck, out in the hallway, a few minutes earlier because the Prosecutor had told him so.