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Greenhalgh Report, witness perjury, unsolved murders in Mansfield in 1980's, innocent prisoner Ohio


Prosecutors provided 11 supplemental responses to discovery stretching over the course of several weeks and extending 2 weeks beyond the original Trial date! The materials they delayed in disclosing had been in their possession since 1986, for the 1990 Trial. There was no reason whatsoever to waste such valuable time in disclosing same. 

During discovery and Trial, no mention was made of the existence of two partial fingerprints, sufficient to make comparisons which were maintained by BCI office, or the several occasions that fingerprints other than Matt’s were sent for comparison.

Prosecution never produced a copy of the report from Mansfield Police Department’s investigation into 21 unsolved homicides, with rumors of Police Department involvement. The report was finalised in 1989, prior to Matt’s Trial. Of note, the report focussed on four cases, including the one of Gurcia Johnson, of which Matt stood convicted. A portion of the report dealing with this homicide contained a list of several witnesses who gave investigators information regarding suspects other than Matt. The Report states that these individuals were present in the bar that night and their statements were being “retained on file for future reference”. None of these individuals had their identities disclosed to the Defence. This report, the “Greenhalgh Report” was not produced in discovery despite the exculpatory nature of evidence contained therein. The report also stated that Gurcia Johnson had been the victim of a contract hit, according to Christopher Hill, Mr Hill’s name was not divulged to the Defense as a potential witness.

All patrons from the Kallethea were known to the prosecution and had statements taken, none of them were called to testify either for or against Matt except LaTreve Perdue who confirmed Matt was not either of the two men in question.